Great Falls
2nd Sat.  January 13th
Battle of Aiken
Officers Meeting Columbia

Last weekend of Feb
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 30th @ Blues Room
Rain Or Shine:
These are the Dates that we are getting together as a State . They are also the
dates that count for joining the SC SCV Mech Cav  . One State and One Squad
Meeting . Or 2 State Meetings. This give us and you a Face to put with our
Membership .
Elections For Captain Also State Colour Sgt..
Then Set 2018 Calender of Events
These are State Events We will post Squad events when
Calender has been set so they will not interact with each other
Great Falls
The Battle of Aiken was a Battle that was Won in 1864
National Officers Meeting . Takes care of issues for the
Mech Cav.  Also discuss Ann Ride each year
Will be decided in January .
We have went to Broxtons Bridge
We have State SCV Convention
Could go back to Aiken  this is location of the ANN RIDE
Aiken    Also , Columbia Tenn
Calender of Events 2018
SC SCV Mechanized
Calender 2018
Calender 2018