July 22
Hickory Grove Reds Place
Aug. 18,19,20
Charleston Heritage R
Sept ?
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                South Carolina Mechanized Cavalry
We are a special interest group of SCV who ride motorcycles and
fore fill the Charge that has been placed upon us. We attend all the
usual biker rides as well as those specifically dealing with the War
Between the States and history in general.
If you are interested Joining the Cavalry and being an active part of
our Brotherhood we welcome the opportunity, so find a brother and
talk to him
 To Join you have to be a SCV Member In GOOD Standings
                          or Join the SCV then
                                 Honor & Heritage
The bond we all share as descendants of the most noble warriors this
Nation has produced cannot be bought or replicated, and as such
this makes the Mechanized Cavalry a unique group in itself.
Call or Meet a Member
Come to a Squad Meeting Or State Meeting
Come to a State Meeting
Mechanized Cavalry
upcoming Meetings